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General Health & Wellness


Whether you need pain relief, chronic disease management, relaxation, or need help with a breech baby or labor induction, the ancient art of acupuncture can bring relief for many conditions.



Nature's greatest healing secret is in plants. Customized herbal medicine can be part of your support plan or used to help your body naturally prevent future illness.



Transformational breathwork is a unique form of hypnotic, meditative, rhythmic breathing that supports relaxation and helps you address anxiety, insomnia and more. Private sessions available or learn about the online course here.

Fitness & Nutrition



My approach to movement and exercise begins with learning how you move your body on a daily basis and helping you identify how you can optimize your alignment, posture, and exercise to help you achieve the active life you want everyday.



Food is the foundation for health and supplies the building blocks for repair and regeneration of tissues. Avoid all of the confusing information out there about the "best" diet and learn what will work for your unique needs.

Pregnancy & Postpartum



My specialty lies in supporting growing families through a combination of Chinese medicine, holistic midwifery wisdom, and movement and mobility techniques to facilitate a more comfortable pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. Learn more about my services here.



Holistic & physiologic childbirth education is one of the most important tools for a successful birth outcome. I offer birth education classes and workshops based on the combination of traditional Western midwifery knowledge and Eastern medicine concepts.
Learn about upcoming live classes here.

Find all my online classes here.



Chinese medicine has a long history of supporting families through the conception journey. Whether you are just beginning your family and want to optimize your health, have faced health challenges, or are already using assisted reproductive technologies like IUI or IVF, Chinese medicine can help support any stage of your fertility journey. Learn about upcoming live classes and workshops for fertility enhancement here.

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I've been seeing Tristin for several years now and I have recommended her to so many people in my life, for a multitude of issues. For one - she seems to be a miracle worker on the fertility front. She has helped not just me, but my sister and more friends than I can count on my fingers - all with health issues or histories of miscarriages or years of infertility - carry out healthy pregnancies and beautiful, healthy babies. She has an amazing understanding of how the whole body works together and can tend to issues ranging from pain to temporary sickness to chronic illness. She also uses needles the most efficiently that I have ever experienced (meaning you won't be laying there with fifty needles - she knows where to put maybe four or five that are just as effective). I can't recommend her enough. ~Anya

I've had the privilege of working with Tristin for about 8 years. I originally went to see her after being recommended by a friend and have subsequently told basically anyone who will listen about how helpful and healing her work is. She has helped me with a number of issues but most notably, a difficult fertility journey and then 2 healthy pregnancies - one set of twins and a singleton. Her breadth of knowledge is remarkable and rare. I'm grateful for her curious and thoughtful approach. She is a force of sanity and balance in a health system that for me, can be overwhelming and anxiety producing. ~Hilary

I couldn't recommend Tristin enough. My first ever experience with acupuncture was with Tristin, and she put me at ease immediately. We spent the first portion of the visit talking, so she could get to know me in a holistic way. By the time we got to needles, they were practically a minor detail! I walk away from my visits with Tristin feeling calm and empowered. She truly has a gift. ~Karen


I'm Tristin, and I love helping people optimize their health to have more energy and vitality for life.

After earning my Master's degree in Chinese medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle in 2006, I open my practice in Bellevue and Redmond. Though my education was of the highest standards for Chinese medicine, and it prepared me technically for the practice of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, I felt that something was missing from my knowledge base.

After studying with several amazing teachers who provided more technical knowledge, in 2011 I finally found the mentor who would provide me the insights into Chinese medicine I was looking for that helped me become a more holistic practitioner. In the coming years, my mentor, Dr Yaron Seidman, and I would publish a book, Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies & Miracles.

I have also studied childbirth education and birth support, clinical whole foods nutrition, the Eastern arts of breathwork and Qi Gong, and the Body Ready Method© for pregnancy and birth.

With this combination of tools, I create unique and individual support packages for each person I serve to help reach health and wellness goals.

Contact me today if you would like to incorporate a holistic approach into your health care, prenatal care, or birth preparation.

Experience the Effects of Breathwork Online

This guided workshop will offer breathwork practices, info sessions, and guided breathwork journeys to help you restore healthy nervous system function and use your breath to promote overall health and wellness.

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